After a recent post comment to this blog and a flurry of conflicting emails that i have recieved from MTT asking for more money. I'm convinced and must admit, Ive been scammed ! I believe is a complete scam. I will leave this blog up for any updates that may occur reguarding this matter.

Hopefully this blog can serve as a warning to others who might be taken in by this scandalous group.

Please take a look at this link that was sent to me by one of my readers.

Larry Blake

Below is the email comment sent to me, 
E-mail :

URI    :

MoreThanTraffic is a total scam that is operating on people's greeds and impulses.

I'm psychoanalyzing their website to reveal the marketing tactics they used to sucker you and a lot of people.

There are too many "bullshit" flags on MTT's website and business structure, but feeble minds or those desperately dying for money will not recognize them out of their own greed.

Which one are you?

Anyways, if you want to read my "deconstruction of MTT's website structure" post, go to this blog.

I must caution you, prepare to learn some of  the nastiest secrets in online marketing and human impulses/behavior.