First of all, thanks to all who have sent your comments and
please keep them coming. This was the sole purpose of
creating this blog. There is quite a bit of talk negative and
positive about MTT being nothing more than just another

If indeed it is a scam, it is quite an elaborate one!
To get my drift, take a look at this recent press release
I recieved from Google alert and the claims they are making.
I am forwarding it to you now, the second link from the
top is the one you might want to take a look at.

To set the record straight as far as my affiliation  is concerned, Everyone seems to think its been long enough for me to have recieved my commissions. This is a misconception ignited by another reader who commented that I had been with MTT since September of this year.

The reader obviously considered the date of my first blog
entry which is not accurate. The blog was started in September, but sat dormant for several months with nothing on it.  
I have not recieved any commissions yet, because I'm not
due any. That remains to be seen. I've paid my $169 and was told that I could refund it if I wanted to do so.

I chose to stick it out and see what happens. I'm a
business man and sometimes you make good choices and sometimes bad ones.

Hopefully MTT will be a good one, if not…OH WELL !

Take a look at the press release and tell me and others
what you think. Place your comments at the blog  and if nothing else, we will expose MTT for what it really is…

Thanks again

Larry Blake