The results are in and increasing everyday.

Because of the MTT real-time stats I began to see increasing results in the first couple of weeks.

The sales and traffic to my web sites in the first month after becoming an MTTAffiliate were phenomenal.

Almost %50 In just one month.
Without much advertising on my own I had several clients and affiliates under me driving my C1 Commissions to a whopping $1167USD. With affiliate overrides of approximately $60.00USD

All of which was payable to me at sixteen weeks.
Now these figures would increase and be much larger after
my sixteen week period, but you can imagine what the figures were after sixteen weeks (4 months). Giving you an idea of how fast your traffic and income can grow.

1 month period 

Actual number of Clients at that time: 7
Actual number of Affiliates at that time: 6

Keep in mind, I also immediately recieved %15 Traffic
from each of these and future clients 

Thanks for your comments,

Larry Blake
MTT Client & Affiliate