Recently it has been rumered that might be simular to or just another Monopolizer scam program.
After doing some in-depth researching on my own, I decided to email the head webmaster at MTT and inquire about this.
Here's what I wrote and the response I recieved.

Date: 02-05-2006 Client – I am a client & would like to find
out more about your service: Client – I am a client & would
like to find out more about your service Client's
Name:Lawrence Blake

Hello Simon,

Your support and expertise would be most appreciated. Please tell me how I can best benefit from your service since my promotion of this service depends a great deal on my
knowlege of it. One question I have is why my affiliate site shows suspended. Also there is talk around the forums that MTT is just another Monopolizer scam program.

As you may or may not know Monopolizer turned out to be a scam. What could I say in all honesty to my referrals to show the differences in the two programs. Thank you for your support.

Larry Blake


We have heard of Monopolizer recently and have googled them to find out the similarity you state.

The only way we found them was on a cache site. We have
looked through their material thoroughly and see a certain
taste but I can assure you appart from sharing the same
country to trade from we have nothing to do with them.

Our service is ZERO % like theirs.

We do not email/spam/market or have databases.

What we do is 100% different.

If you feel as if this matter has not settled your fears
then please withdraw your order.

Thank you very much

Jean Support

Thanks Very Much Simon WM MTT

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