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 I'm using MoreThanTraffic.com .

I've placed an MTT1 order from MTT for my MTT Affiliate site. MoreThanTraffic has a good intro. deal. how long it lasts really depends on you, but you can "Pay on Result". An order lasts 12 months. They guarantee $100,000 in 4 months or you get the rest of the year free and you get to keep your profits you make from it. How cool is that!?!


If you're interested just click the link above. Read some more information about MTT and what they offer if you need and place an order!
 Every new affiliate gets 120 days to distribute the MTT ‘introductory pay on results offer’. Any client that orders within the 120 days using your affiliate URL will get a ‘pay on results’ account. When the 120 days expire your affiliate site will change to reflect the usual costs.

Affiliates that introduce fifty (50) clients to MoreThanTraffic.com within the first 120 days get the ‘introductory period’ of their affiliate site extended by sixty (60) days. An additional extension of 60 days can be gained by referring another fifty (50) clients in each sixty day extension period.

Providing YOU meet the targets, your ‘introductory period’ can continue forever. Each client gets 12 months ‘PAY ON RESULTS’ service. Clients that re-order after the first 12 months expire have to pay the normal fees. Affiliates get paid a second round of equal commissions for re-orders.

The above targets can be EASILY achieved in the following way also;

Affiliates that refer other people into the MTT affiliate program can easily get an extension of the ‘introductory period’ too. For every client that’s introduced by your whole down-line group you get half an order deducted from your target. In other words, for every two clients that your group introduces your targets get reduced by ONE.

If you overshoot your 60 day target any remaining balance will be carried over and count towards YOUR next 60 day target.

The first time your target is not reached, your account relinquishes the ‘introductory offer’ and changes to display our NON-introductory offer’s prices. Your MTT affiliate site’s order form will not allow your clients to order a ‘PAY ON RESULTS’ account.

NEXT: Would YOU like a longer special introductory offer? Get started… Introduce clients and refer people to become an affiliate in your group/down-line now.