After a recent post comment to this blog and a flurry of conflicting emails that i have recieved from MTT asking for more money. I'm convinced and must admit, Ive been scammed ! I believe is a complete scam. I will leave this blog up for any updates that may occur reguarding this matter.

Hopefully this blog can serve as a warning to others who might be taken in by this scandalous group.

Please take a look at this link that was sent to me by one of my readers.

Larry Blake

Below is the email comment sent to me, 
E-mail :

URI    :

MoreThanTraffic is a total scam that is operating on people's greeds and impulses.

I'm psychoanalyzing their website to reveal the marketing tactics they used to sucker you and a lot of people.

There are too many "bullshit" flags on MTT's website and business structure, but feeble minds or those desperately dying for money will not recognize them out of their own greed.

Which one are you?

Anyways, if you want to read my "deconstruction of MTT's website structure" post, go to this blog.

I must caution you, prepare to learn some of  the nastiest secrets in online marketing and human impulses/behavior.



Well Friends, is very obviously doing the same thing that Simon Stepsys and Monopolizer was by combing unrealistic, false stats and promises, knowing fair well they will be long gone before they have to prove it!!!

First of all, thanks to all who have sent your comments and
please keep them coming. This was the sole purpose of
creating this blog. There is quite a bit of talk negative and
positive about MTT being nothing more than just another

If indeed it is a scam, it is quite an elaborate one!
To get my drift, take a look at this recent press release
I recieved from Google alert and the claims they are making.
I am forwarding it to you now, the second link from the
top is the one you might want to take a look at.

To set the record straight as far as my affiliation  is concerned, Everyone seems to think its been long enough for me to have recieved my commissions. This is a misconception ignited by another reader who commented that I had been with MTT since September of this year.

The reader obviously considered the date of my first blog
entry which is not accurate. The blog was started in September, but sat dormant for several months with nothing on it.  
I have not recieved any commissions yet, because I'm not
due any. That remains to be seen. I've paid my $169 and was told that I could refund it if I wanted to do so.

I chose to stick it out and see what happens. I'm a
business man and sometimes you make good choices and sometimes bad ones.

Hopefully MTT will be a good one, if not…OH WELL !

Take a look at the press release and tell me and others
what you think. Place your comments at the blog  and if nothing else, we will expose MTT for what it really is…

Thanks again

Larry Blake 

The results are in and increasing everyday.

Because of the MTT real-time stats I began to see increasing results in the first couple of weeks.

The sales and traffic to my web sites in the first month after becoming an MTTAffiliate were phenomenal.

Almost %50 In just one month.
Without much advertising on my own I had several clients and affiliates under me driving my C1 Commissions to a whopping $1167USD. With affiliate overrides of approximately $60.00USD

All of which was payable to me at sixteen weeks.
Now these figures would increase and be much larger after
my sixteen week period, but you can imagine what the figures were after sixteen weeks (4 months). Giving you an idea of how fast your traffic and income can grow.

1 month period 

Actual number of Clients at that time: 7
Actual number of Affiliates at that time: 6

Keep in mind, I also immediately recieved %15 Traffic
from each of these and future clients 

Thanks for your comments,

Larry Blake
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Recently it has been rumered that might be simular to or just another Monopolizer scam program.
After doing some in-depth researching on my own, I decided to email the head webmaster at MTT and inquire about this.
Here's what I wrote and the response I recieved.

Date: 02-05-2006 Client – I am a client & would like to find
out more about your service: Client – I am a client & would
like to find out more about your service Client's
Name:Lawrence Blake

Hello Simon,

Your support and expertise would be most appreciated. Please tell me how I can best benefit from your service since my promotion of this service depends a great deal on my
knowlege of it. One question I have is why my affiliate site shows suspended. Also there is talk around the forums that MTT is just another Monopolizer scam program.

As you may or may not know Monopolizer turned out to be a scam. What could I say in all honesty to my referrals to show the differences in the two programs. Thank you for your support.

Larry Blake


We have heard of Monopolizer recently and have googled them to find out the similarity you state.

The only way we found them was on a cache site. We have
looked through their material thoroughly and see a certain
taste but I can assure you appart from sharing the same
country to trade from we have nothing to do with them.

Our service is ZERO % like theirs.

We do not email/spam/market or have databases.

What we do is 100% different.

If you feel as if this matter has not settled your fears
then please withdraw your order.

Thank you very much

Jean Support

Thanks Very Much Simon WM MTT

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